• The most common cause for dishwashers to not drain is a blockage in the air gap. This air gap is not part of the dishwasher but typically identified by a silver cap on your sink. Air gaps are required in California and should be checked regularly. Usually removing the silver cover and unscrewing the top cap will reveal any debris that might be keeping the unit from draining properly

  • To help assure efficiency and proper operation the condenser on your refrigerator must be cleaned regularly. The condenser relies on air flow to work properly sometimes obstructions to that air flow can cause the unit to fail.

  • BBQ’s require regular maintenance. If your unit fails to light immediately and completely please turn it off and either refer to your user manual or contact us for service. Sometimes spider mites spin webs inside the tiny holes in valves and fittings that block the flow of gas. In addition, over time burner ports become clogged and do not light properly or lead to uneven cooking.

  • Today’s electronic ovens and ranges use cooling fans to assure the components are protected from high temperatures. It is common for these fans to continue operating even after you have turned the appliance off. The fans will turn off when the temperature drops to a safe level. After self cleaning these fans may run for an hour or more.

  • Most modern gas cooktops use electronic ignition to light the gas. This ignition system provides a spark until the flame appears then automatically shuts off. Sometimes you may notice the sparking continuing even after the flame appears. This is often caused by the burner cap being out of position. If the flame is not even around the burner check the position of the cap.

  • It is always helpful for you to have your model and serial numbers available when scheduling service. This information allows us the opportunity to review your problem to try to assure the needed parts and resources are available at the time of service.

About Labor Rates

  • These days everyone is concerned about the rising costs of labor and other costs. This discussion pertains to the cost of offering in-home repair services. We sell the expertise and professionalism of our Field Service Technicians in the form of Labor charges. There are many methods of applying Labor charges including per hour/minute fees etc. We utilize what is called job code pricing or put another way a flat fee for a particular job or type of repair performed. This method sort of evens out and balances the various experience levels of Technicians and allows for more accurate repair estimates. We sometimes hear Customers comment on how easy a particular repair looked or that it seemed to be done quickly. You are paying for a professional who has to learn how an appliance is designed to function coupled with hands on experience to insure it is performing to manufacturing specifications. It is amazing how simple a job or task can look in the hands of a professional whether it is appliance repair, automobile service or any other service provided by others.

    Since we sell Labor these fees need to cover the cost of employees, insurance, taxes, vehicle expenses etc. As we all know California is an expensive place to live and work with the above costs constantly increasing. We pay more for energy, fuel, housing plus taxes and fees than most locations around the country. We continually strive to keep costs in check as most responsible businesses do in the effort to keep prices as affordable as possible. Companies with employees have a higher cost structure that someone working alone from their home. The Company with employees generally has more resources to solve problems while the sole proprietor has more flexibility in scheduling and with lower pricing however has reduced resources to draw upon. Both have a role in providing appliance repair services in Southern California and are in business to solve problems. One needs to be aware of those advertising seemingly low cost estimates or even free estimates to get in the door. Given legitimate and compliant businesses are faced with similar high costs one must ask how can they do it this cheap or what corners are being cut to offer this price. Many times the final cost is much higher once they are in the door, bottom line no one works for free.

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